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Specialty Coffee: More Than Just a High Score

By :Jordan Caligiore 0 comments
Specialty Coffee: More Than Just a High Score

At Gigante Coffee, we believe that specialty coffee transcends the traditional perspective of a coffee being deemed special if it obtains a score of 80 or above on the SCAA cupping score sheet. Specialty Coffee Melbourne is about much more than just a high score - it's about the essence of coffee, the love and passion that goes into its creation and the experience that it brings to those who drink it.

Flavour Defines Quality-Gigante

Flavour Defines Quality

For us, the most important aspect of specialty coffee is the flavour. A specialty coffee should not only have an acceptable flavour, but it should excite your taste buds and leave you with an unforgettable experience. Flavour is what defines the quality of a coffee, and it's what sets it apart from other, less exceptional coffees.

Knowledge and Communication-Gigante


Knowledge and Communication

However, flavour is not enough on its own. Knowledge and communication play a crucial role in the specialty coffee experience. A Specialty Coffee Melbourne, whether it's ferment or bright and citrusy, needs to be communicated through the supply chain as having been designed and intended to contain specific flavour traits. This helps to set expectations and ensure that the Best Mornington Peninsula Coffee is enjoyed to its full potential.

Transparency and Fair Rewards-Gigante


Transparency and Fair Rewards

Finally, specialty coffee needs to guarantee that those involved in producing the coffee are paid fairly, to the point of living a dignified lifestyle within their economic and social context. This level of transparency and fairness is essential for maintaining the quality of the coffee and ensuring that everyone involved in its creation is valued and rewarded appropriately.

In conclusion, the essence of Specialty Coffee Melbourne is a flavour that exemplifies all that is great with coffee, supported by knowledge and communication around the intention of the flavour, and rewards the producers fairly. At Gigante Coffee, we believe in providing the very best coffee experience, and that starts with our commitment to quality, transparency, and fairness.

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