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Gigante Coffee prides itself on building strong, long term relationships with our wholesale partners through:

A distinctive and delicious coffee offering (blends and micro-lots)
Industry leadingbarista trainingprogram
Proactive and responsive customer service
Artesian roasting equipment / roasting approach
In-house coffee tasting/brewing experts (including a Q-Grader)

Best Coffee Beans Wholesale Suppliers In Melbourne

Gigante is one of the most trusted Coffee Beans Wholesale Suppliers in Melbourne and we offer a diverse range of coffee beans to cafes, restaurants, hotels, and many other F&B enterprises. We are proud to supply the highest-quality coffee beans to our wholesale partners, sourced from the best coffee farms and vetted farmers. Among the many Coffee Beans Wholesale Suppliers in Melbourne our approach to designing the flavour of coffee has been developed over years of tasting, trailing, and experimentation, which makes us the Best Place To Buy Coffee Beans In Melbourne. Gigante has a long history of contributing to the ever-developing coffee industry. We roast using many age-old methods, which start with our vintage probat roasting equipment, but we also blend this tried and tested machinery with the newest software and roast profiling technology.

We offer a wide range of coffee bean options to suit the tastes and preferences of your customers. Our commitment to our wholesale partners goes beyond supplying coffee beans; we also provide guidance and advice on how to make the best coffee using our beans. As a highly regarded Coffee Beans Wholesale Suppliers, we also provide great barista training to our wholesale partners. Our training is designed to motivate your staff to love making coffee while teaching them the leading industry techniques that give your cafe a qualitative edge.

At Gigante TechniFlavour, we believe that being a wholesale partner is more than just supplying coffee beans. That’s why we provide the support you need to make buying coffee beans in bulk a hassle-free experience.We are dedicated to making your experience as a wholesale partner a success. Our vision is to be one of the most formidable Coffee Beans Wholesale Suppliers and with our dedication to quality, 40 years of coffee heritage, experienced team, and addiction to creating delicious flavour, we’d love you to join us on the journey.

Training Explained

We are experts in training and no matter the prior
experience of this barista, we have ways of
teaching the art of coffee to everyone.


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