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Our Sustainability

We care about the planet and we care about the people that produce coffee. It’s easy for roasters to claim that they implement sustainable practices. Just visit any number of roaster websites and you would think that we are part of the world’s cleanest industries. At Gigante we do not make flippant claims about our environmental governance. We have undertaken a number of initiatives to ensure that our carbon footprint is minimised, these include: Installation of monitoring equipment which gives us instant access to our energy usage and highlights any energy ‘sinks’. Total energy audit provides a baseline from which to plan energy saving initiatives. 18 kW Solar System installed November 2021 Upgrading of old industrial motors to Variable Speed motors to drive our roasters and packing equipment Led lighting throught the factory and offices New compostable packaging- metal free coffee bags and bamboo disposable cups. In the near future we hope to upload a live feed to our energy consumption highlighting the offsets we are producing. In the first 3 weeks of the activation of these initiatives we were able to reduce nearly one tonne of CO2 emmisions -equivalent to 3000 carbon kilometers and planting 20 trees. We are on track to become carbon neutral by the first quarter of 2021