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Your Guide to Brewing Coffee

Although brewing techniques can't make a low quality or badly roasted coffee taste good, the way you brew and the techniques and recipes you use does have a large (really large) impact over the flavour of your coffee.

Here we will try to explain processes such as extraction, as well as the effects of brew water temperature, grind size, brewing methods and brew ratio's on the flavour of your coffee.

Brew methods such as the aeropress and V-60 have become the gold standard for illuminating the flavour profile of a coffee (where it was grown, how it was processed, how it was roasted) where as more traditional methods such as the stovetop/bialetti or the french press can impart stronger flavours related to the brew method.

We will also break espresso into two catergories - home and professional. It's not that you can't make professional espresso at home it's just that, at times, the calibrations, adjustments, tasting and equipment needed isn't practical within the home enviroment.