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Top Best Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

By :Jordan Caligiore 0 comments
Top Best Coffee Roasters in Melbourne


Coffee Roasters in Melbourne

Coffee has become a staple for many Melburnians, with the city being known for its vibrant coffee culture. The abundance of coffee roasters in Melbourne makes it hard to decide which one to choose. As mentioned in the introduction, the definition of the "best" coffee roasters can vary from person to person. In this blog, we will explore four of the Best Coffee Roasters Melbourne, including Gigante Coffee, Seven Seeds, Axil, and  Wide Open Road, and what makes them unique.

Gigante Coffee

Gigante Coffee is a Melbourne-based coffee roaster that sits somewhere between Seven Seeds, Axil, and Wide Open Road. Gigante’s approach blends tradition and innovation and explores flavours while providing customers with blends that are highly usable in the context of a common cafe, ensuring that the coffee tastes good with milk. Like the other three roasters mentioned, Gigante uses Probat roasting equipment, amplifying the coffee's inherent flavours and sweetness. Gigante's roasting style results in a coffee that is sweet and complex, with a full body and a long finish.

gigante coffee roaster melbourne 

Seven Seeds

Seven Seeds has been a prominent player in the Melbourne coffee scene for over a decade. The roaster's preference for high-end washed coffees and light to medium roast profiles makes them unique. They have explored numerous micro-lots and direct trade relationships over the years, taking customers on an exciting journey of flavour. Seven Seeds roasts their coffee beans in small batches and use traditional drum roasting methods. This allows them to bring out the beans' inherent sweetness and caramelisation, giving their coffee a balanced and delicate flavour profile.

Axil Coffee Roasters

Axil Coffee is a roaster run by an ex-barista champion. They produce some amazing coffee, using more naturals than Seven Seeds and roasting with a little more development. Axil is not afraid of mixing chocolate and fruit in the blends, making sure that the coffee can cut through, in a specialty coffee way, the milk drinks. They have a variety of roasts that cater to different coffee tastes, from the light and fruity to the dark and chocolatey. Axil roasts their coffee using traditional Probat drum roasters giving them a very balanced and complex flavour profile.

Wide Open Road Coffee

Wide Open Road Coffee doesn't do as much wholesale as Seven Seeds or Axil, but their blends are a thoughtful mix of South American and African coffees, making for an exciting presentation of flavours, acidity, and sweetness. They use a light to medium roast profile, which allows the coffee's inherent characteristics to shine through. Wide Open Road uses Probat roasters, which allow them to precisely control the roasting process, giving their coffee a consistent and delicious flavour.


In conclusion, Melbourne Best Coffee Roasters cater to different tastes, from the light and fruity to the dark and chocolatey. Seven Seeds, Axil, Wide Open Road, and Gigante Coffee are all unique in their roasting style, coffee bean selection, and equipment used. However, one thing they all have in common is their commitment to bringing out the inherent sweetness and caramelisation in the beans, giving customers a balanced and delicious cup of coffee.

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